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From termites and cockroaches to mice and squirrels, pests and rodents are a major nuisance for home and business owners. At Brooklyn Pest Control, our goal is to completely expel them from your property. We use the latest techniques and the most effective methods in pest and animal control to keep insects and wildlife away from your property. You'll rest easy knowing that your home or business is 100% free of any bed bugs, termites, or opossums. Request a free quote today to enjoy more pleasant surroundings.

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Success in business through customer satisfaction that's what Brooklyn Pest control is all about. We run an honest operation. We remove any dead animals. We also capture trapping animals, such as raccoons and possums, and we relocate them—we do not kill the animal; we relocate, that is a specialty. We also do a bug treatment in one- and two-family houses, factories, and we also specialize in bedbugs. We also treat mice; mice are treated with bait. We fool a mouse into eating it. He feeds on it three times. The first time he's checking it out; the second time he eats a little more. The third time he eats it, he dies. Rats are treated in another way; we use a black treatment that the rat takes the block and brings it to his borrow. All gone.

Brooklyn Pest control has been around for 25 years; we service all the communities. We serve factories, airports, and airplanes. We also service section 8 for the city. For the last 12 years, we took care all kinds of problems for the homeless and the needy.

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Our company is fully licensed and insured up to $3 million. We accept all major credit cards.


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